Here’s Why Most Victims Of Sexual Assault Don’t File A Report

“Flashing your goods for the whole world to see? Sounds like you were asking for it.”

One of the most common reasons rape victims don't report their assault is the fault of the very people supposed to help them: Police blaming the victims. On an average, more than 61 percent sexual assault incidents go unreported and this video highlights exactly why.

Directed by Cynthia Kao, the video perfectly depicts the method police adopt while investigating rape. Officers often ask victims baseless routine questions, which further aggravates the sufferers, and sometimes officers even suggest dropping the charges altogether in order to avoid further humiliation and disgrace.

Though it’s only  three minutes long, this incredible video manages to capture the essence of a sexual assault investigation by swapping the scenario with a computer robbery. It includes all of the ignorant clichéd responses the police and normal public uses when it comes to this criminal offense.

Watch the video posted above to find out exactly what would happen if a robbery was treated like a rape report.

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