If Advertising Was Honest, Some Company Slogans Would Have Been Hilarious

June 10, 2014: Complete honesty would bring out the hilarity of corporate slogans.

Advertising demands major corporations to exaggerate the truth to try and lure in customers to boost sales. Each product either comes with promises that are meant to be broken or tactics to differentiate the product from its competitors.

But what if, somehow, the world rids itself of all these lies or it becomes a legal requirement for advertising companies to be 100 percent honest in their media campaigns?

A Reddit user explored just that and prompted others to share what slogans for products and brands really should be. 

Here are some of the funniest tag lines:


"I'm killing myself"



"When they don't have Coke"



"Mask bad photos with filter"



"We throw in extra parts just to mess with you"


Booster Juice:

"Slightly more healthy than cancer"



"Because fuck you"


Hot Pockets

"Every bite is a different temperature"




"Diagnosing STDs since 1999"


Red Bull

"Someday meth might be legal, until then, there's red bull"



"You're welcome, college students"

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