If Mexicans Celebrated The 4th Of July Like Americans Do Cinco De Mayo

The tables have turned in this hilarious—but insightful—video from FLAMA. Because a little good-natured ribbing never hurt anyone.

This new video skit, created by a team of Latino comedians and hosted by Univision's FLAMA YouTube Channel, is both a celebration of the 4th of July and an (affectionate) critique of the way Americans often understand other cultures (i.e. poorly). 

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, many Americans draw from stereotypes of Mexican culture: sombreros and margaritas abound. And many don't know what they're celebrating....Mexican independence? Nope. 

Cue FLAMA's video, which asks the pertinent (and hilarious) question: what would the 4th of July look like if Mexicans celebrated it like Americans celebrate the 5th of May.

Copious amounts of the “national” American beverage, i.e. Natty Light? Check.

Traditional American clothing, i.e. powdered wigs? Check.

Singing the national anthem?
“Oh take me out to the ball game.”
You know the one. 

Informing all your American friends, acquaintances of that landmark moment in their nation's history: when the tea got thrown in that river, freeing the slaves? Check.

Hotdogs and fireworks? 

Ok, that one's true.

And awesome.

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