These Hilarious Makeovers Give Cancer Patients A Moment To Forget Their Illness

Everyone needs a moment to just let go and be silly.

Belgian non-profit organization, the Mimi Foundation believes that no therapy is better than giving patients an opportunity to just laugh.

In June 2013 the group collaborated with Leo Burnett France on a very special project called, “If Only For A Second.”

Twenty cancer patients were invited to receive full makeovers and were asked to keep their eyes closed the entire time. 

Unlike a that from typical beauty makeover, when they finally opened their eyes, they were surprised to see how hilarious they looked. For that brief moment, they were able to forget their illness and enjoy a good laugh ‘If Only For a Second’. Their reaction after opening their eyes was captured on camera by photographer, Vincent Dixon.

The project was inspired by a patient who said that before cancer, she was able to be more carefree. 

Their video filmed by director Coban Beutelstetter was released on You Tube on Dec. 5, 2013. 

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