This Is What’ll Happen If People Left Parties Like They Quit Facebook

Spoiler alert: No one really cares that you’re leaving.

We all have that one annoying Facebook friend who frequently makes lengthy – and sometimes poetic – spectacles about leaving the social media. The reasons behind such dramatic announcements vary from the website’s poor privacy policies to the emergence of more quirky ways to connect with people.

In this new video, the folks over at College Humor have visually captured the exact reaction that people have when a friend announces they're quitting Facebook – which is no reaction at all. Titled “If people left parties like they left Facebook” perfectly envisions the obnoxiousness of such updates.

Granted, Facebook lost its “cool” status around time when everyone’s uncles, aunts and grandparents signed up on the website and started posting embarrassingly long comments on your random statuses, but it’s still an integral part of our social lives.

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