If You're Going To Ride A Dolphin, Don't Do What This Girl Did

Sometimes it is absolutely unbelievable the way people think. Or don't think, in this case.

Dolphin, Lima, Peru

When a couple posted pictures of themselves posing with a dead or nearly dead dolphin in Lima, Peru, the world was outraged.

In the photos, you can see the couple posing with a dolphin that looks like it has died or is at least ill and in need of serious help. 

Dolphin Abuse Pictures

However, although most of us would probably do what we could to save the dolphin, or respect it if it was dead, this couple saw it as a photo opportunity.

What's even more distasteful is that the couple posted "Does it matter if the dolphin was alive or dead?" underneath the photos.

Yes, it does, as a matter of fact.

People who saw the photos (and there are more then these horrible ones) are saying that the dolphin must have been handled very harshly in order for them to be able to capture these pictures.

Whatever the case is, it is astonishing how people act this way toward animals.

So that's why now, all over the Internet, people are responding to the photos, and continue to re-post them in order to spark something against the couple and anyone else who behaves in such a way.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of less-than-smart people out there. Fortunately, when they are stupid enough to post their ridiculous stunts, the rest of the world will be there to call them out on it.

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