Reporter Exposes NRA-Backed Lawmakers In One-Of-A-Kind Twitter Rant

Journalist Igor Volsky is publicizing Republicans who took contributions from the NRA and then expressed sorrow for the mass shooting in San Bernardino.

Public officials were quick to send out their thoughts and prayers to the victims of the tragic mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, where gunmen opened fire on a center for people with developmental disabilities and killed at least 14.

Many of the messages by the Republican members of Congress expressed disbelief over the devastating incident, but it seems like at least one person was not impressed by the lawmakers’ efforts and sympathetic tweets.

Igor Volsky, an editor and director of video at left-leaning political publication ThinkProgress, used the opportunity to start a Twitter-storm exposing the lawmakers of their double standards. Not only did he criticize them for not supporting stricter gun legislation, he also called them out by publicizing the details about the funds their campaigns have received from the National Rifle Association.

Take a look at some of the tweets from his social media exposé:

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Volsky responded to Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul’s tweet by attacking his stance on gun policy:

The reporter also singled out Congressman Tom Cotton:

… and Representative Tom Rice

Many other politicians also bore the brunt of his outrage

What Volsky is trying to imply, is that accepting money from the organization that staunchly opposes restrictions on gun sales and use and then expressing grief over the tragedy caused by gun violence is just deceitful.

So far, he has tweeted out details about 38 NRA-backed politicians and there might be more on the way.

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