Immigrant Couple Leaves Everything They Own to U.S. Government

In a final gesture of gratitude, this immigrant couple left their entire estate of almost $1 million to the U.S. Government.

peter petrasek,joan petrasek

With no explanation as to why, Peter and Joan Petrasek left their entire estate of almost $1 million “to the government of the United States of America.” Peter Petrasek survived his wife and died in 2012, and the request has just been fulfilled.

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The couple emigrated from Eastern Europe during World War II. This gesture is seemingly one of gratitude for finding solace in America. While very touching and well intentioned, the money will likely be spent in less than a minute, based on the government’s spending rate.

However, you can’t put a dollar sign on appreciation. And the goodwill exhibited by this couple is enough to make those who are anti-immigration think twice, hopefully. Yet another example of immigrants being the heart and soul of this country, the Petrasek’s donation is also an example of paying it forward.

Watch the video below to hear more about this couple’s story.

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