Improv Everywhere Gives Grand Central An Unexpected Light Show

The fantastic guerrilla theater group Improv Everywhere returned to the site of one of their great successes and gave Grand Central Station in New York City an unexpected light show.

Do you know about Improv Everywhere? You should really know about Improv Everywhere. In fact, if you are at ends, you can just go to their YouTube page and keep yourself occupied for hours with their hilarious and unexpected stunts. Here is their latest, an impromptu light show in New York's Grand Central Station:

According to Improv Everywhere's description, they assembled 135 volunteers who were told only to bring a flashlight and a camera, and didn't know what they would be doing. They were given instructions in real time over a PA system that Improv Everywhere set up for the event.

You'll notice that about half of the video is reaction shots, and that feels appropriate. It's a nifty light show, but what really makes it special are the people walking through Grand Central who had no idea what they were about to see. The real genius of Improv Everywhere is how they create a sense of unexpected magic in the world.

The light show came on the eve of Grand Central Station's 100th birthday, and eight years after another of Improv Everywhere's most successful stunts, which also took place in Grand Central. Presenting, Frozen Grand Central:

This makes this misplaced New Yorker smile.

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