Be Careful What You Plan For April Fools – Here Are 5 Pranks That Went Supremely Wrong

Here are various examples of pranksters getting a taste of their own medicine.

So it’s April 1st and people are in the mood to have some fun at the expense of others. Be careful though; even the best thought out plans can backfire. The people in the videos below learned that the hard way.

Anniversary Prank Gone Wrong

This Hair Cut Prank Did Not Go Quite As Expected

Cheating Girlfriend Prank Back Fired

So this girl got some expert help to play a prank on her boyfriend for Valentine's Day.

Poor thing had no idea what she was in for.. The prank really backfired in the worst way. It could have even been heartbreaking, but she didn’t see it that way and gladly shared it on YouTube.

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April Fools Prank On Mom Gone Wrong

You really don’t fool moms – or even mess with them for that matter. But this chap was pulled in by peer pressure to prank his mom on April 1st.

Keeping in mind that he told her he was on drugs, her reaction is pretty expectable.

Ghost Elevator Prank Gone Wrong

Remember all those elevator pranks? Well this one went wrong.  We bet they didn’t expect this.

Do You Remember The Time: Shakira’s Boyfriend Pranked The World In Believing She Had A Baby?

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