Acid-Attack Survivor’s Beauty Tutorial Is Not All About Lipstick Tips

In the video titled “How To Get Perfect Red Lips,” Mumbai-based Reshma explains how easy it is in India to buy a bottle of corrosive liquid.

A beauty tutorial by an Indian acid-attack survivor is going viral because of its message.

Mumbai-based Reshma teamed up with a non-governmental organization “Make Love Not Scars,” to call for a ban on the sale of corrosive liquids in India. The group recently launched a petition that has collected, as of Thursday, more than 37,000 signatures. 

After sharing some makeup tips in the video, the 18-year-old says people can buy a red lipstick from the market “just as easily as the concentrated acid.”

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Reshma was attacked by her brother-in-law last year when she was on her way to take an exam at school in the northern Indian town of Allahabad.

According to the IndieGoGo campaign which raised nearly $9,000 to pay for her cosmetic reconstruction surgery, Reshma lost her left eye, and her right eye is partially closed.

Although India is one of the three nations – besides Bangladesh and Cambodia – where acid-throwing is common, no official statistics available and no laws treat it as a separate crime in the country. According to the Wall Street Journal, India sees approximately 1, 500 acid attacks each year, which is claimed to be a low estimate as many cases go unreported.

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