Indian Bride Dumps Groom On Wedding Day Because His Math Skills Suck

Poor math skills are a deal breaker for this Indian bride.

Indian bridegroom dumped over failed maths test

Those who argue the importance of mathematics in everyday life should reconsider because sometimes it really matters.

Recently, a bride in India called off her wedding ceremony when she found out her future husband wasn’t good at math.

Just before the ceremony, which was underway in Rasoolabad village near Kanpur in northern Uttar Pradesh state, the bride asked her future husband the sum of “15 plus six” to test his intelligence.

The poor groom replied, “17,” after which the bride walked away from the whole thing.

Shocked with the sudden turn of events, the groom's family tried persuading the bride to return, but she refused, saying the groom had deceived her and her family about his education.

"The groom's family kept us in the dark about his poor education," said Mohar Singh, the bride's father. "Even a first-grader can answer this."

Well, since the guy couldn’t even do some simple addition, she probably dodged a bullet.

The local police reportedly intervened in the affair to mediate between the two families, after which, both sides returned all the gifts and jewelry exchanged before the wedding.

Last month, in a somewhat similar incident, an Indian bride in Uttar Pardesh married a guest when her groom collapsed from an epileptic seizure during the wedding ceremony.

The bride was angry that the groom’s family had kept his epilepsy a secret from her.

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