Indian Girl Born With 'Elephant Trunk' Seen As Hindu God

In some places, she might be disregarded completely. But in India, she is seen as a god.

India, elephant trunk, little girl

In the Uttar Pradesh region of India, a baby girl was born with what appeared to look like an elephant trunk, protruding from the middle of her face. She is now being hailed as a Hindu god.

If you take a close look at the little girl's face, she seems to represent Lord Ganesha, the Hindu god of success. The god resembles an elephant, as does the little girl.

Those who have seen her believe that she is the Lord Ganesha reincarnated, and therefore many people have gone to the little girl's house to give their offerings.

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Although it could be a miracle, the doctors said most likely a combination of a gene mutation and malnutrition was the reason the little girl was born with the protrusion.

The father of the little girl is hoping she will bring luck to their family.

A year ago, there was a baby born with eight limbs in India, and was also hailed as a god after people said he looked like a religious figure. Like with this little girl, people came from all over to see the baby and give their offerings.

While some might feel it is all just nonsense and the poor child was born with a rare feature, it is a bit heartwarming to know that this child won't be forgotten by society because of her looks. 


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