Tomboy's Hilarious Dating Profile Makes Her The New Face Of Indian Women

This ballsy girl doesn't claim to be pretty, petite or smart. She is what she is.

indhuja pillai

An Indian woman, whose parents had posted her profile on a dating site, has made headlines after she made a real profile but without all the exaggerations her mom and dad had used to lure guys in.

The 23-year-old Indhuja Pillai was shocked when she found out that her parents had made an account in her name so that she could find someone to tie the knot with. But while the pictures were hers, other details certainly weren't.

"[The] details were, name: Indhuja, profession: Software Engineer," wrote Pillai on her blog. "I went like, "WTF is happening here," because, I am no g***amn software engineer and I'm only 23! I am [not a] woman desperate to get married, and that matrimony profile made me look like one."

At this point, she got that profile removed and made a new one, but this time, the description perfectly matched her personality. Out went adjectives like cute and smart and in came lines like: "I wear glasses and look dorky in them. Not a spendthrift or a shopaholic. Detest masala & drama, not a TV fan. I don't read."

indhuja pillai

The profile, which Pillai has aptly titled "Marriage CV," has more similar stuff like: "NOT a womanly woman. Definitely not marriage material. Won't grow long hair, ever."

It continues: "Looking for: A man, preferably bearded, who is passionate about seeing the world. Someone who earns for himself and does NOT hate his job. Extra points to the one who hates kids. Points for a great voice and an impressive personality. Should be able to hold a conversation for at least 30 minutes.

"If you think you qualify, I recommend you re-think. If you are sure, I suggest you show this website to your parents. If you're still sure, try imagining a life with someone like me."

The profile's bold, norm-defying content made it go viral, and just like that, Pillai is now being regarded as the poster girl of modern Indian women.

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