Acid Trip Of A Lifetime Caught On Camera

April 28, 2014: An Indian man braves scorpions, snakes, insects and oscillating weather, to take the trip of his life.

So this guy decided to take two trips of a lifetime to make a master trip he’s guaranteed to remember well into the afterlife.

During this three minute clip, we are showered with perspicacious evaluations of immeasurable value. Now, you may find his views too simplistic, but if there’s anything history or Apple has taught us, it’s that simple trumps everything.

Everything? Everything.  

He maintained a very solemn yet sunny (not a reflection of the sun) demeanor while conveying his moving realizations. Well, you have to hand it to him. He was pretty damn calm considering a “nuclear bomb exploded” in his “skull”.

According to the YouTube description, he braved his way to Thar Desert in India, to have an LSD trip that lasted for 24 hours.  Any LSD aficionado would like to know what type this man was on considering most “trips” last 5-8 hours at best.

He took great pains to take this trip. The desert trip, that is. His only company was scorpions, insects and snakes. He also bore the heat of the day and cold of the night. What a guy.

"It was the most beautiful and yet frightening experience," he said. It's rather unfortunate that the video just covers the commencement of the trip. Well, that’s not a problem considering his video still leaves an indelible mark.

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