The World Would Be A Much Better Place If All Men Thought Like This

Guys, take a cue from these men telling women what they should do to their rapist.

It is a well-documented fact that India is, and has constantly remained, one of the most dangerous countries for women in the world.

In a June 2012, a poll of 370 gender specialists around the world that voted India the worst place to be a woman out of all the G20 countries. It was way beyond embarrassing for the South Asian nation especially because Saudi Arabia, where women are not even allowed to drive cars,  was rated the second-worst.

The statistics of female feticide, infanticide, human trafficking, domestic and sexual violence prevalent in South Asian country are beyond staggering and horrifying.

Reiterating how much it sucks to be a woman in India, a bunch of guys from East India Comedy group recorded a moving apology to all the women of their country – especially who have been raped, assaulted and ridiculed.

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Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) – the foremost investigating police agency in India – stated in 2009 that about 90 percent of trafficking took place within the country and that there were 3 million prostitutes, of which 40 percent were children.

India is also one of the three nations – besides Bangladesh and Cambodia – where acid-throwing is common. However, there are no official statistics available and no laws treat it as a separate crime in the country.

It is also frequently ranked among the top 10 countries where it's dangerous for women to travel – mainly due to the widespread sexual violence and because most rapes go unpunished.

Government statistics reveal that a woman is raped every 20 minutes in India.

Addressing the sorry state of women’s rights in their country, the men in the video say that that if a man rapes you, you should “chop off his d*ck.”

“I am not a woman, and I apologize. Seriously. You deserve better,” says one man.

Watch the emotionally charged apology to Indian women in the video above.

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