Indian Woman Marries Wedding Guest Instead of Groom

This woman had no time to waste. An Indian bride-to-be, Indira, married a guest at her wedding when her groom collapsed from a seizure just before they were about to be wed.

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Supposedly, the bride was angry because this was the first time she was aware that her future husband suffered from epilepsy. 

The bride, instead of being by her man's side, was so infuriated that she decided to call upon a wedding guest, who happened to be a member of her brother-in-law's family, to take the groom's place.

The guest accepted, and the two are now married. Despite Jugal Kishore, the first groom, pleading with Indira to change her mind at get back to their wedding, she refused. Sadly, Kishore even went to the police to help his situation, but the response from the local police official was, '...since the bride is married now, what can anyone do?'

Next time Kishore 'chooses' to have a seizure, he better decide to have it at the right time, or else another selfish bride might leave his side.

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