Panda Hanky Panky Causing A Meltdown For Indonesia Police

Indecent pandas are a level one priority for the Indonesian police.

indecent panda police

Panda are creatures of undeniable cuteness. But the Indonesian police have a rather pressing problem with those furballs when they appear on children’s clothing, because they think it may be “indecent.”

The National Police’s Public Relations Division issued an appeal to the public on their Facebook page explaining it all.

Translated, it read as this:


We appeal to the partners of the Police Public Relations division to be aware of the existence and circulation of children's t-shirts with indecent illustrations.

Any partners who know of such t-shirts being circulated or sold are kindly requested to immediately report them to the nearest police station.

They posted an image for reference.

indecent panda children clothing

Yes, that is indeed a 9gag image, a source for viral content. However, the police consider pandas that are fornicating on children’s clothing a very serious threat and have decided to let the public know.

You know how randy those pandas are – they even fake pregnancies. Won't someone think of the children?! Down with panda coitus.

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This is not the first time people have called a bear species indecent. The Polish are not exactly fans of Winnie The Pooh for some similarly bizarre reasons.

Why can’t people just accept panda bears as fluffy creatures that have graced planet earth with their cuteness?  

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