Infamous Woman Who Grabs Famous T-Shirt From Young Boy Tells Her Side

Apparently she didn't do anything wrong! As if her side matters.

Vickie Timbrell, 8 year old boy, Dockray, Beckford, Ted Dockray

Vickie Timbrell, the woman who was revealed to be the one who stole Jermaine Beckford's shirt from an 8-year old boy who caught it after Beckford threw it into the stands at Wembley Stadium, comes out with her side of the story. 

The woman was caught on camera wrestling the prized shirt from a young and dear fan-a young boy named Ted Dockray who supposedly left the stadium in 'bits' after the tussle.

Timbrell, who took a real beating on social media after the video hit the web, is claiming now that it was all a 'misunderstanding', and she plans to 'clear the air' with the family of the boy. 

Many people who saw the video claimed that she was attempting to take the shirt from the boy so that she could give it to her own child. 

The shirt is certainly worth some money, but that will never be more than what it meant to the little boy who almost walked away with it.

The shirt was thrown into the stands by Beckford after he scored a hat-trick in the Preston game against Swindon.

It'll be interesting to see what her side of the story is, but it is likely that she will still be seen as a menace after all is said and done.

Watch the terrible thing she did and decide for yourself:

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