Inflatable Laptops, Glass-Bottom Airplanes & Twttr: The Best of April Fool's

April Fool's Day brings out the hilarious in Google, Sony, Virgin Air and more. Check out some of today's best pranks.

Happy Calvin Coolidge Commemorative Disco Day, popularly known as April Fool's Day, America's finest holiday. Finally we have a worthwhile way of evaluating giant corporations: who pulled the best prank on National Mess With the Internet Day. Google continued its annual tradition of excellence with a trio of pranks: Google Nose, Google Treasure Map, and this unexpected announcement: turns out YouTube has been a video contest this whole time, and now they're going to pick a winner and shut it down:

Wow, that was above and beyond what I was expecting, and I was expecting, "charming and amusing." That settles the matter of whether Antoine Dodson is unintentionally hilarious or intentionally hilarious (the latter).
But Google hilarity is just the beginning. Sony declares they are releasing a new line of products just for animals, called Animalia:

"The TV is designed to attach to most dog baskets and comes with an easy-to-use, paw-friendly remote control that features just two buttons – one for “play” and another for “Skype” so that dogs can interact with their owners in real time."
Twitter is splitting into a free vs. premium model. Premium costs $5 a month, and it will allow you to use vowels. The rest of us will have to use Twttr:

"In addition to our normal suite of Promoted Products for advertisers, we are now also offering a single character extension, expanding the length of a Tweet to 141 characters, for those moments when you need just one more character to finish your thought. The price of the extra character is based on a bidding system reflecting the popularity of the character you would like to add."

Meanwhile Virgin America is progressing in its ongoing quest to be the most modern luxurious popular airline with a new, glass-bottom airplane.

Want more? American Eagle introduced Skinny Skinny Jeans (aka, spray on body paint), Toshiba wants you to use a laptop in baths and pools with its new inflatable laptop. Not to be out-weirded, Japanese company Kodansha introduced the Squid Reader. Scope is bringing home the bacon flavored mouthwash and the White House is swapping out Obama for a kid president.

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