Innocuous Cheerios Ad Angers Racist Commenters (Video)

A cheerios ad that included a (gasp) biracial couple with their biracial daughter has generated all kinds of ugly from the internet.

Pop quiz: why does anyone care about this commercial? Is it:

a) Because studies about the heart-healthiness of Cheerios have proved inconclusive at best.
b) Because the League of Concerned Citizens Against Spilling complained that this commercial promotes spilling food as adorable and wholesome.
c) It's some horrible racist thing, isn't it.
d) Because the feel-good feeling made people feel good all over the world and violence basically ended within a few hours of this commercial airing.

Yeah, it's c. Because this commercial implies that a white lady and a black man got together and made a cute interracial child. Can American handle it? Well, yes actually, most people got over that a long time ago. But can Crazy America handle it? Crazy America is like a bunch of leaking barrels of gasoline and the internet is just an ocean of sparks that might set it off. YouTube comments on the video were disabled before I was able to explore that evil swamp of mucky muck, but here are a couple from around the internet:

"Well frankly it does shove a multi-culti agenda down our throats and it tastes like sh**!"

"Shoving multi-culturism down our throats when we know it fails.. awesome"

Did someone bring up the Nazis? Of course someone brought up the Nazis. No quote for you on that one (some people don't deserve to be quoted, even for the purposes of mocking them), but that happened.

Search around now and 99% of comments are making fun of the racists and getting into hairy discussion about race and racism (and which race-gender pairings set people off, which is pretty interesting stuff).

And seriously people, it's 2013. If you can't deal with a human whose ancestors are from Africa getting together with a human whose ancestors are from Eurasia, my advice to you is to keep quiet until you realize the errors of your ways. Because you're on the wrong side of history, and that history is long over for most of us.

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