Troubled Instagram Parents Share Their Naughty Kids' Adorable Shenanigans

Thinking about starting a family? Better check these out first.


All kids are cute, but some of them are capable of creating messes beyond their or anyone else's scope. In their naivety, children often do things that cause massive disarray and make their parents lose their temper. But even in the naughtiest of their mischief making, there is an element of lovability.

Instagram account Kids Are The Worst documents exactly this adorable look that impish toddlers exhibit in the aftermath of a gargantuan mess. Check these out:

The writing is on the wall

Let's see what's inside cup number two

The next best thing to a bidetHDTV is too realistic. Put a filter on that thing.

"How many days have you been in this joint?Banksy should watch out for this new graffiti artist, Bathsy! Kids in Target

Peanut ButterNaughty KidsNaughty Kids

Parents Share Their Naughty Kids

This account, which now has more than 72,500 followers, was started and is run by Salt Lake City mom Anna Macfarlane in May 2014. In less than a year, she has built a growing community of parents who send her their kids' worst shenanigans to share with others.

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