The Alps Are No Place For Slinging Hammocks, But These Daredevils Don't Care

Is this the world's most dangerous festival or what?

Lazing in a hammock with not a thing to worry about is one of the most relaxing experiences ever. But if the hammock is slung above the thousands-of-feet-deep chasm between two mountains, would the experience still be as soothing?

Check out this group of extreme daredevils who each year string their hammocks at dizzying heights of gigantic mountain peaks, as part of their annual International Highline Meeting. This year, they chose the Italian Alps in Monte Piana as the location for their hammock summit.

Their insane festival could easy turn into a Cliffhanger-type situation, but that doesn't deter them from continuing this thrilling tradition, which they started in 2012.

We know what you're thinking. There is no shortage of crazy people in our world.

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