Internet Reunites Couple After Woman Finds Love Letter On €20 Note

Rom-dram lovers rejoice! The line between reality and swoon-worthy film fare may be beginning to blur, and social media is at the heart of it all.

The fate of a great love story can be held in any number of hands. Those of the lovers themselves, their their circumstances, their families (especially if it's a Capulet-Montague type deal).

The one pair of hands you don't expect to be pulling any strings is that of a random passer-by, a completely unrelated person who happens to open her purse one morning, and happen upon the love letter that never found its destination.

Denise O'Reilly of County Meath, Ireland found herself thusly called to action. While rifling through her bag, she noticed one €20 note that didn't look like the others. On it was a short, but nonetheless arresting, bit of scrawl:

"Christy, it's always been you! Come and find me—Megan x."

Some people faced with a situation would ask the obvious question: did he find her?

Thankfully, O'Reilly's not one to ask and sit content with no answer.

She turned to social media, and urged her followers, and their followers, and so on, to share the image in hopes that it would find Christy.


Found this is my Purse this morning!!! Ah Christy She ??s you!!!!! Go get ur girl!!!!! Come on people and share!!!

Posted by Denise O'Reilly on  Sunday, 23 August 2015

And because the only thing better than a swoon-worthy love story is playing some small helping role in said swoon-worthy love story, the post was shared over 16,000 times.

Usually, shares are the rarest among the like-comment-share trifecta, but in this case, people knew they had a duty and wasted no time by merely liking or commenting. Love waits for no hemming and hawing!

Which isn't to say that there wasn't plenty of buzz, too.

Eventually, Christy himself spoke up amid the sea of excited onlookers.

B-but....what does that mean? Are they together now? Does their love now burn with the fire of a thousand suns?

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Christy elaborated further in an email to a local Irish radio station.

"Megan was the name I used to call my ex girlfriend. We went out for a year and a half. The name arose from when I misheard her name and thought she was Megan for our first week of dating. Then it stuck."

It turns out that the phrase "it's always been you" had special significance for this couple.

"I’m a musician and while we were going out, I wrote her a song called ‘It’s always been you."

Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last. But Megan wasn't done (it wasn't over!). She tried to reach out to Christy....but he never found out.

"We broke up, she met someone new. After I saw the 20 euro note on a FB post, I called her. She told me she had written it on a note she used to pay into one of my gigs about 6 months ago. I didn’t know she was there. She told me she thought I’d get the cash directly but I obviously didn’t. She took it that I didn’t want to talk."

At some point, Megan moved on with a new partner.

"So, now we’re in touch again but the situation is quite different."

Still, we've got to admit. That's a pathos-driven, Hollywood-worthy story if we've ever heard one. And the fact that the Internet could play a helping hand makes it even better.

And wherever Christy and Megan go now...they'll always remember...the way they were.

Okay, we'll stop.

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