Whoa-Internet Star Alex From Target Was A Marketing Ploy!

A kid working at Target has taken the internet by storm. Here's why.


A marketing company called Breakr claims it orchestrated the viral campaign featuring an "unknown good-looking kid and Target employee from Texas."

Breakr CEO Dil-Domine Jacobe Leonares revealed on LinkedIn that his company was only looking to practice influencing teenagers, and never thought the Alex from Target meme would catch on the way it did. But it did.

#alexfromtarget was trending worldwide Monday morning and many wondered "Who?!?". 

The kids, a cutie from Target, gained insta-fame after Twitter user @auscalum posted a photo of him in the red and white Target uniform. The tweeter has 14k followers and the retweets went wild. 

And of course, the comedy started. 

Urban Dictionary is already on it with this entry: 

Alex from Target is a hardcore pimp who recently gained fame as an Instagram sensation for reasons beyond the comprehension of any sane person.

For the record, there is no indication that Alex is a "pimp".

OK internet, who's next?

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