This Iowa Barber Trades Free Haircuts For Stories

This barber is giving children free back-to-school haircuts, and asking for stories in return.

With the new academic year quickly approaching, the town of Dubuque, Iowa, celebrated with its Back-To-School Bash. And this year, the bash included something of an unusual sight: A barber giving out free haircuts for kids.

The only payment he wanted was a story.

Free Haircuts

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With the growing impact of technology on our daily lives, children reading books is a rarer sight and barber Courtney Holmes is rather concerned about this. Enter his brilliant idea to offer haircut if children read a story to him.

"I just want to support kids reading,” he told The Des Moines Register during an interview, as 9-year-old Tayshawn Kirby read out parts of Fats, Oils and Sweets by Carol Parenzan Smalley.

The books used by Holmes were giveaways distributed by St. Mark Youth Enrichment, an organization promoting educational enrichment activities. Beth McGorry, outreach coordinator with St. Mark, said she enjoyed watching the barber help young children pronounce words they were unfamiliar with.

The kids, who seemed very excited with their new haircuts, went around encouraging their siblings and friends to get a similar style, and were proudly showing off their back-to-school look.

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Anderson Sainci, the city’s acting resource manager, put the event together with the help of several nonprofit organizations and community partners to get kids pumped for school and help parents learn about before- and after-school activities available.

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