iPad To The Rescue: Apple Tablet Saves Man From A Gruesome Facial Injury (VIDEO)

We all must’ve seen people making videos from iPads in weddings, games and celebrations. They obviously are very irritating but the video above is an example that we should not judge anyone using an iPad for making a video next time.

No matter whatever justification is given to us but we don’t agree, we think it’s stupid. Right? But what if your iPad saves your life?

A man at a Northern Iowa softball game was capturing the game on his iPad when he was saved from a severe facial injury from a foul ball. You must be thinking what saved him. One of the most bizarre shields ever, it was his iPad.

And guess what, the tablet survived the shot. No wonder it’s expensive.

Fortunately someone shot the entire scene for us. Now you must be wondering  if he was using an iPad too.

So, now don’t judge anyone who’s using his iPad for making a video.

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