Irish Taxi Driver And Woman Dance To Daft Punk’s Get Lucky (Video)

A cheery taxi driver and a lady start an impromptu dance party to Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky‘ in Dublin.

The Irish seriously know how to party!

And trust me these guys were amazing and knew exactly what they were doing. They made sure everyone was enjoying along with them.

The way the girl approached him to dance with her was just super cute.

The video is totally getting viral over the internet and is gaining lots and lots of hits. Here’s how Redditors reacted on the video:


Damn, I really need to learn how to dance.


Classic Ireland: I know the girl.


I’d like to think they got married and now have a kick ass story on how they met.


In case anyone is planning to visit Dublin and is wondering where this took place, it's just off Dame Lane in the centre of the city.

That street has several pubs on it and when the weather is nice, people just hang out on the street mingling from pub to pub.


The trunk was a nice touch.

The video will definitely bring a smile to your face. Check out.

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