Why Did This Teacher Ask Students To Segregate Their Campus?

A teacher told students to post "White Only" and "Black Only" signs around campus for a project that went totally wrong.

A high school teacher in Indiana ruffled many feathers with a social experiment that went totally wrong.

The teacher, whose name hasn’t been released, asked students to post “Whites Only” and “Blacks Only” signs around the school to “demonstrate the feel of government-sanctioned segregation that previously existed in portions of our country,” according the Concord Community Schools Superintendent John Trout.

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The teacher and students didn’t get permission from the school before carrying out the “experiment.”

Upon learning of the signs, school officials reportedly removed them immediately and talked to students. The teacher was placed on paid administrative leave “pending further investigation” into the situation.

Superintendent Trout reportedly admitted that “sometimes a teacher makes a mistake when attempting to educate young teenagers.”

NOTE: When you're responsible for molding young minds ... there really isn't much room for "mistakes" of this magnitude.

“Concord Community Schools appreciates its educators attempting to be innovative in their teaching approach,” Trout reportedly said in a statement. “However, methods and tactics that can be viewed as harassing or discriminatory to students and teachers are not appropriate and are prohibited in our schools.”

Local parents who were made aware of the incident feel that placing the teacher on paid leave isn't really enough of a consequence for being so irresponsible. 

“Don't do that, and especially, don't demonstrate that to other children to make it seem like that's ok,” parent Martise Evans reportedly told Fox 59. “Anybody can get any type of wrong idea about it.”

Perhaps the shock value is what the teacher was going for when he or she deliberately chose not to get authorization before conducting the experiment. But, with nationwide racial tensions at a high point ... he or she definitely should have went about it with a bit more sensitivity. 

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