Is This Ho-themed Christmas Card Inappropriate?

The photo shows the two daughters and their mother wearing t-shirts that read “Ho” while their father wears a t-shirt that says “Chillin’ with my ho’s.”
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A family is receiving backlash online for their cringe-inducing Christmas card depicting a father surrounded by his three “Ho’s.”

The photo shows the two daughters and their mother wearing t-shirts that read “Ho” while their father wears a t-shirt that says “Chillin’ with my ho’s.”

The youngest daughter, Rachel Yoshida, posted the photo of her family on Reddit and Imgur on Tuesday where it attracted over 2 million views and ignited a contentious debate about whether this photo is offensive or harmlessly humorous.

“As a new father, I can't imagine a situation when I'd call her a ho. I suppose that changes over time. Or these people are f***ed up,” Imgur user IsThisOC wrote.

Many users commented on the extreme sexualization and perverted incestuous implication this photo conjures up.

“Am I the only one who finds this weird? Like, Lannister weird?” Imgur user KD17 wrote.

And Imgur user ReginaFalange42 wrote, “your daughters and wife are not your hos, thats creepy.”

But others saw the amusement in the perceived joke and chastized individuals for their sensitivity.

“Guys, the family has a sense of humour. A bit weird but kinda funny,” Imgur user onlythedankest wrote.


My family's xmas photo dis year. Disclaimer: this was my idea I want the credit bc it's damn good ??: @chelseaashe

A photo posted by Natalie Yoshida (@yoshedabomb) on

The oldest daughter, Natalie Yoshida, told Buzzfeed News the photo was her idea but didn’t expect her family to “be so willing” to participate.

“My mom agreed immediately,” she said. “My dad never actually agreed or disagreed. He’s a great sport.”

The 21-year-old responded to the criticism by noting that their friends get the joke.

“Not one person who knows us in real life has ‘hated,’” The 21-year-old said. “Everyone who is ‘hating’ is seeking offense in an obvious joke.”

The family has a history of taking obscene photos together. The below image depicts the family dressed up as Sailor Moon characters for Halloween. The three women are dressed scantily clad in bikinis for another sexualizing and disturbing photo shoot.


He's more of this nonsense, I love my family ??

A photo posted by ?? (@kushiedameow) on

While the family emphasizes the photo is just for laughs, the image unequivocally reinforces society’s portrayal of women as sexualized objects in photography while men are traditionally perceived as the central, dominant and even clothed figure. Our culture’s power dynamics do not go amiss in this photo nor does the overtly creepy and subtly incestuous sexualization of this man’s daughters. 

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