“Islam is a country”: Australian candidate withdraws after train wreck interview (VIDEO)

Islam is a country, according to a right-wing Australian politician.

Meet the ‘Sarah Palin of Australia’. Twenty-seven-year-old Stephanie Banister.

After the One Nation candidate let her ignorance shine on Channel Seven during an interview earlier last week, her thoughts went viral and she withdrew from next month’s elections on Saturday.

Ten years ago, Banister’s train wreck of interview on immigration may have been limited to Channel Seven audiences but today’s social media and its ‘viral’ effects take no prisoners.

She delivered a stream of blunders in the same interview. While making her point that ‘halal’ (permitted by Islam) food should be banned, she confused ‘haram’ (forbidden by Islam) with ‘Quran’ (Islam’s holy text).  She also stated that ‘Kosher’ food was acceptable because the Jews follow Jesus. How does that even happen?

Fortunately for the Aussie nation, she will no longer run for a Queensland seat after allegedly receiving threats. It is safe to make the assumptions that the public ridicule and embarrassment she went through had something to do with it as well. Banister has since apologized to her party adding that the interview was poorly edited. 

At least she is being taken to task for her behavior, if not by her party (that supports her still), but Australia’s legal system.  She is due to appear in court for her role in an anti-Muslim campaign in which she allegedly stuck “Beware! Halal food funds terrorism” on Nestle products at her local grocery store. 

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