It's So Hot In Arizona A News Team Filmed Cookies Baking In Their Car

It's so hot you could fry an egg on the side walk in Arizona. Or in this case, bake cookies on your car dashboard.

Arizona is famed for its dry, intense summer heat and now that summer is fully upon us all, the state is living up to that reputation. 

A local NBC affiliate, 12 News, decided to put that heat to good use. 


A fresh batch of Arizona Summer Car Cookies (ready in just under five hours):

Posted by 12 News on Friday, June 19, 2015

According to 12 News themselves, after the temperature hit 115 for the day, some of the employees decided to experiment with cookie dough. They put the tray of sweets in the car at 1:30pm and pulled them out at 5:45pm to find perfectly cooked cookies.

The entire process is also followed by a summer PSA in the comments: if it’s hot enough to bake cookies, it’s certainly too hot for children or pets, so make sure you aren’t baking anything alive. You can, however, enjoy some car cookies. 

Banner Photo Credit and Video Credit: Facebook/ 12 News

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