Jack Nicholson Cold-Shoulders Clippers Kids Looking For a Handshake

May, 16, 2014: The Los Angeles Clippers have earned many fans in the last few weeks, but none are named Jack Nicholson.

Don't ever mistake Jack Nicholson’s temporary support for friendliness.

A young fan didn't know of this unwritten basketball rule and got burned by the Hollywood star before the Los Angeles Clippers' 98-104 Game 6 defeat to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night.

Nicholson, 77, is of course a lifelong fan of Los Angeles' other, more 'historically' successful franchise, the Lakers. That's what made his appearance at a Clippers game a bit surprising. Before the tip-off, the legendary actor was searching for his courtside seat when two kids approached him with a view to probably get an autograph, a selfie or maybe just a simple handshake.

After some confusion, a handshake was offered by one of the kids, but Jackie totally ignored them like they didn't exist.

Due to the whole Donald Sterling controversy, the Clippers have gained a bunch of new sympathizers. Hence, seeing Nicholson at a crucial Clippers game might have made the Lakers a bit nervous. However, judging by his treatment of the child duo it's safe to say that Nicholson will stay in the purple and gold half of the Lalaland for the foreseeable future at least.

It's not like the Clippers want him either. When his face was shown on the big screen, the crowd booed him like there was no tomorrow. Later, in a brief interview with ESPN.com's Ramona Shelburne, he confirmed that his support for the Clippers is temporary, and that the Lakers have nothing to worry about.

Nicholson had the last laugh though, as he witnessed the Clips getting their playoffs wings clipped by the Thunder.

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