R. James Woolsey Is An Islamophobic Fear Monger

The former director of the CIA exemplifies all of the qualities that make Islamophobic public figures so dangerous in 2015.

Last week Paris, France was hit with a coordinated series of terrorist attacks that took the lives of over 120 people. 

The aftermath of these tragic events has included massive manhunts for those behind the attacks, increased security measures, and a greater emphasis on combating terrorist cells from countries around the world. 

Perhaps the most unsettling result, however, is a rampant upsurge of Islamophobic attitudes in The United States. 

Refugees are being refused, internment camps are being considered, and all around the nation wolves in sheep's clothing are rising up and attempting to use the tragedy for their own perverted ends. 

Enter Ex-CIA Director R. James Woolsey. 

james woolsey

Just hours after the September 11 terrorist attacks Woolsey was on television clamoring for a military response against Iraq. 

Throughout the ensuing Iraq War, Woolsey was one of the war's most outspoken proponents, often attempting to encourage President George W Bush to expand the military's reach into Iran as well.  

Woolsey was CIA director during the Clinton administration, but was forced to resign during the fallout over the Aldrich Ames controversy in 1994.

Since then Woolsey has gone on to found several private interest groups, join a few private equity funds, and become one of the most prolific Islamophobes in the nation.

Woolsey is a co-author of the book entitled Sharia: The Threat To America  and was a fervent supporter of an anti-Sharia bill for Oklahoma City. 

Freelance Journalist Omar Shahid has this to say about Woolsey, "There is a virulent form of Islamophobia which is increasing because of political opportunist. Islamophobia is no longer where it should be, hiding under the rocks with a few loonies where it belongs."

Woolsey is the worst kind of Islamophobe.

his goal is to create fear and panic through the use of buzzwords and sound bites that are hardly ever backed up by any sort of substantive evidence. 

Woolsey would like you to believe that the greatest danger to the world is not terrorists, extremists, or radical individuals, but every Muslim everywhere. 

This is the line of thinking that creates hate, prejudice, racism, and religious persecution. And these are the exact qualities Woolsey would like to instill in the American People. 

Woolsey is a political opportunist.

His goal is to mobilize people in his favor by giving them a bogeyman and promising to destroy it. 

If let unchecked people like this will drive the world deeper into confusion and terror because they have nothing to gain from a world that is confident, well informed, and empowered to make rational decisions.

Fear is their weapon and the only defense against fear is education.

Take the time to study what Islam means, what Sharia Law is, and what actual Muslims are like. Don't let men like Woolsey do your thinking for you.

Don't be another lemming tumbling over the cliff.   

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