Watch As 1,200 Workers Transform An Above Ground Railway Into Subway In A Few Hours

You will just witness the transformation before your eyes, but will not be able to believe it.

The amazing video shows a near-miraculous conversion of an above ground railway into a subway overnight.

The 2013 video suddenly trending online shows 1,200 workers transforming the railway station in to a subway right before your eyes. In an unbelievable burst of activity one watches in bewildered amazement as the clocks ticks from 00:50 to 05:00 when the first subway trains arrive.

Japan’s technical strengths are well known and again limelight because of the recently tested super fast maglev trains, which can travel at a whopping 311 mph.

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But this video also shows their human capability and planned workmanship in a way that no words can describe.

Note: The action begins 00:50 onward in the video.

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