Boil An Egg Inside Out With One Simple Trick

This Japanese chef literally puts a spin on regular boiled eggs.

Isn’t science amazing? It enables you to do the craziest of stuff, often only using some simple items.

For instance, take a look at this Japanese chef who only requires some household items to boil an egg with its yolk outside the white. Sounds kinda remarkable, right?

The video depicts Chef Yama Chaahan wrapping the egg in a transparent tape before giving it a speedy spin in a pair of tights. After a few spins, he takes out the egg and boils it, and the result is quite unbelievable.

Here’s how it works: It’s all about centrifugal force and the fact that yolk of the egg is denser than the white part (albumen).

When the egg is spun rapidly, the liquid yolk gets drawn towards the edge of the egg while the albumen gets pushed to the center. If the egg is spun for long, the yolk and egg white separate, giving the boiled egg an inside-out appearance.

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