Crazy Japanese Kid Uses Guns To Brush His Teeth

Disturbing videos of a Japanese kid using a gun to brush his teeth go viral.

The internet can sometimes be a strange place, probably because of strange people uploading equally strange stuff.

For instance, a Japanese kid on YouTube channel “tokiofn” uploaded a video of himself brushing his teethwith a toothbrush strapped to “The Glock” – an automatic pistol commonly referred to as the G18C.

As if watching the first one wasn’t unsettling enough, he put up another video a few hours later, trying to do the same thing all over again. Only this time he used a bigger gun – a Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR-L).

It looks even more disturbing than it sounds. Check out the videos below:

Toothbrush with G18C:

Toothbrush with SCAR-L:

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