Politician Wails Like A Baby On Television, Becomes An Internet Celeb

July 03, 2014: There are crazy politicians all over the world, no doubt about that, but this man is just too weird to be real.

Meet Ryutaro Nonomura, the latest Internet sensation.

According to an AFP report, Nonomura – who is a member of the Hyogo Prefectural Assembly in Japan – had been accused of misusing $29,000 of government allowances. He purportedly spent the public funds on 195 trips he made in a year, including more than 100 visits to a hot springs resort – talk about wanderlust!

To apologize for his actions, he held a press conference. However, that too – much like his future in politics – turned out to be a total disaster.

Nonomura’s histrionic skills were a sight to behold as he started wailing hysterically banging his fists on the table and yelling at reporters.

Since most of his rant cannot be understood, here is a brief summary by RocketNews24 to help you understand what exactly the official was trying to say:

“Nonomura claimed he had a good reason to bill the trips to the government, but had a reason for not making the details public, and that he had promised the people involved that it would remain a secret.”

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After the video of his “apology” went viral, Nonomura became an instant Internet sensation. A YouTube post of his rant has been viewed more than 1. 7 million times.

While many thought that his behavior as a politician was unacceptable, others were a little sympathetic towards him. Rest of the lot was just – well – interested in making memes.

“This is so embarrassing," wrote one YouTuber in Japanese. "Is he drunk?"

"This guy CLEARLY needs some time off of work," said another after watching the clip.

Here are some of the masterpieces people are creating with Nonomura crying face.

Japanese Politician Crying Ryutaro Nonomura

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