Iran: As Witnessed By A Japanese Tourist

Here’s Iran like you’ve never seen it in the news.

The world, especially the West, knows Iran as a country where an ultra-conservative Islamic “regime” commits egregious human rights abuses such as capital punishment, violation of women’s freedom, and Internet censorship.

In addition, a number of Hollywood movies purport that it is a country where the general public is usually hostile towards tourists.

All in all, Iran appears to be in the media much like North-Korea as an isolated kingdom in the Middle East that slaughters every other person who looks like a foreigner. However, that’s really not the case.

While there are, indeed, problems with Iran’s governmental policies, the life of ordinary citizens on the other hand is – well – quite ordinary.

A Japanese tourist, who goes by the name of Yota Yanagimoto on video-sharing website Vimeo, has uploaded an approximately eight-minute long short film about his experiences in Iran.

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He found that the people there are welcoming towards new visitors and know very well how to entertain their guests. We see men, women and children having a good time in parks, educational institutions and markets.

Yanagimoto also included images of some really beautiful buildings and historical landmarks that we rarely get to see in the media.

For anyone who wants to know more about Iranian culture this documentary is a must-watch.

iran from Yota Yanagimoto on Vimeo.

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