Jaw-Dropping Moment! This Truck Almost Wipes Out 5 Cars

The video has sparked a criminal investigation. Watch this shocking clip showing the moment a trucker almost took out 5 cars while driving the wrong way on a curve.

Police are investigating after dashboard video captured the 44-ton truck's dangerous moves. 

The driver slams on the brakes to cut back into his lane and barely misses taking out the car he's trying to pass. Then he starts swerving and three more cars are in danger. 

The chilling incident was posted by driver Conrad Burt on Facebook and has over a half a million views. 

He wrote: "The Iceland lorry tried to push me off the road then tried to wipe out other road users, he did not stop and was going too fast to even try to do anything about it. It was close to a 'makers moment' ."

Buckle up folks - there is craziness on the road!  

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