This White Woman May Just Win This Year’s Arabs Got Talent VIDEO


This is a fascinating video of a young American woman performing on Arabs Got Talent. Not knowing much Arabic, she wowed and wooed the judges by Singing Legendary Egyptian Singer Umm Kulthum’s Baeed Annak" (Away from You).

Jennifer Grout is just 23-years-old, but a classically trained singer. She not only sang wonderfully but skillfully played the ‘oud,’ a guitar like stringed instrument commonly used in Arabian and African countries.

"You don't speak a word of Arabic, yet you sing better than some Arab singers!" judge Najwa Karam, a Lebanese singer, says to her; amazement written all over her face. "We have for so long imitated the West; and this the first time that a person who has no whatsoever link to the Arab world, an American girl who does not speak Arabic, sings Arabic songs!"

Jennifer is good enough to have made it to the finals of the show.

She says she first fell in love with Arabic music three years ago when she came across an article about Lebanese diva Fairouz.

So strong is her love for Arab music that she went to Morocco to learn and play more of her beloved music.

She recorded two CDs with local musicians and was ultimately encouraged to try out for Arabs Got Talent.

"She loves Arab music. She loves the rhythm; she loves the scales, the intonation. It's just incredible to hear it," says her proud father.

And here she is. Her singing is really fabulous and her lack of pomp and a bit of shyness is highly endearing.

You never know, Jennifer may just be the winner of this season of Arabs got talent. After watching her performance, we have every hope.

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