This Girls Has Lost 126 Lbs, Thanks To Instagram

And there you were thinking Instagram is no good. Over sharing on social media has spawned a number of unhealthy, obsessive habits, but it has helped a formerly obese Englishwoman shed 126 pounds in just two years.

Jess Semmens

Not long ago, the 22-year-old Jess Semmens from in Exeter, Devon, used to have a serious weight problem. But she is now slim and toned, and she doesn't have Weight Watchers or any conventional method to thank for this extraordinary transformation.

Whatever Semmens is about to eat, she first shares its pictures on Instagram and waits for her followers' opinion or even approval. Once their feedback is known, only then she eats her food. It may sound bizarre, but it must work, as Semmens has slimmed down from 308 lbs to 182 lbs.

"Like most women, I had tried every diet under the sun but none worked for me," she said. "I thought I was doomed to be overweight for ever but when I started counting calories on a phone app and sharing pictures of my meals I was amazed at how many comments I received.

"I started documenting the change in my figure as I lost weight and it was a great way to see my progress and keep me on track whenever I felt like reaching for the biscuit tin. If I didn't stick to the diet I wasn't just letting myself down, I'd be letting down all my followers too.

"The pressure kept me motivated, as did all the lovely comments I got - and now I feel amazing. You could say that I have Instagrammed myself thin."

At one point when she couldn't control her eating habits, Semmens was told by her doctor that she'd be dead by 25. But thanks to Instagram and her followers' support, she is not only alive but is living a completely healthy life.

Check out Semmens' incredible transformation below:


Probably the first and last time I have quinoa ?? Salad and quinoa for lunchies #healthyeating #sw #slimmingworld

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This. On a TUESDAY. Whut. ??

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#mealprep #sundayfunday

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Granny neck be ruinin my photo ??

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