You Won't Believe Anti-Semitic Comments He Gets Just From Walking Around Paris

This man puts on a Kippah and walks through Paris to face jeers and taunts.

Jewish man wears Kippah and walks through Paris for 10 hours and receives anti-semetic jeers.

The video of the woman walking through New York for 10 hours made headlines a few months ago, because it showed people a perspective they never saw before. 

Now, you can walk in the shoes of a Jewish person in France. He puts on a Kippah and starts his journey through Paris where he gets called names, receives jeers and even gets spit at on more than one occasion.

The end of the video reports that "851 anti-semetic attacks were reported in France. ADL: France is the most anti-semetic country in Western Europe. "

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The YouTube comments following video only seem to confirm the blatant discrimination that Jews face. 

Comments on a video of a Jewish person walking for 10 hours in Paris.


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Watch the full video below:


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