Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids What’s The Worst Thing You Ever Heard Your Mommy Say? (Video)


Jimmy Kimmel is one wicked man! This video from Jimmy Kimmel Live is no different than any other of his many hilarious videos.

So, what he did was to send his camera crew out to interview people on Hollywood Blvd. Now he’s done this before, with hilarious results, but this time, the target were little kids- and we all know where that can lead! Yes, a lot of honesty whether we want it or not. In case of Kimmel, of course he wanted it-all of it-the good, the bad, the naughty and the absolute no-you-didn’t-just-say-that. 

So the crew asked these little kids what was the worst thing they ever heard their mothers say?

And Oh boy did they answer!

Needless to say the internet is in love. The views have crossed 1,000,000 mark.

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