Jimmy Kimmel Fools Mainstream Media Again With Sochi Wolf Video

That video posted by Kate Hansen of a wolf wandering the dorms of the Olympic Village? It was a Jimmy Kimmel hoax. Here's the real story.

You may have seen the video of the wolf wandering the dorms of the Olympic Village on YouTube or on any number of news shows. It's an amateur video, maybe 20 seconds, of a wolf roaming past someone's door. It was posted by American luge team member and enthusiastic dancer, Kate Hansen.

And it was a hoax. By Jimmy Kimmel. The entire mainstream media, apparently not into the whole fact-checking thing, picked it up.

Kimmel's done this before, fooling the world with a fake twerking video. Wolf beats twerking, so at least Kimmel is lifting his game. As for the part of the media that's supposed to report the news, c'mon guys.

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