Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Edition Of Mean Tweets Is Out And It’s Magical

Have a look at all the mean things people had to say to Daniel Radcliffe, Kurt Russell, Colin Farrell and many more in the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets.

Ever wondered how much hate you can pour through words, specifically in 140 characters? Wonder no more.

Jimmy Kimmel’s "Mean Tweets" are an absolute delight  to watch, as celebrities read the worst tweets about themselves and often respond with hilarious reactions.

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In the latest edition featuring Daniel Radcliffe, Colin Farrell, Kurt Russell among other stars, Kimmel unearthed tweets from around the world for them to read, some of which were downright hilarious while others really, as the name suggests, were quite mean.

Check out some of the most amazing reactions by celebrities as they read mean stuff about themselves, in the video posted above.

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