Jimmy Kimmel, And Some Foul-Mouthed Docs, Destroy Anti-Vaxxers

Jimmy Kimmel invited real doctors to address parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids.

Jimmy Kimmel is a man of many beliefs. Like his hatred for Matt Damon and smallpox. Kimmel took to the airwaves to fight back against the anti-vaccine movement silliness. 

After mocking anti-vaxxers, Kimmel invited a group of real medical professionals to take on the issue in a public service announcement.

How did we get to the point where parents "are more scared of gluten than they are of smallpox"?

“I thought we settled this in the '50s,” one doctor said.

"Remember that time you got polio?" another asks. "No, you don’t, because your parents got you f*cking vaccinated!"

Take two aspirin and call your doctor in the morning – but only if it's to get your kids vaccinated. 

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