Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Trip To His ‘Therapist’ Has An Underlying Message

May, 9, 2014: Kimmel visited his genius therapist to honor Mental Health Awareness Month.

Since May is Mental Health Month, Jimmy Kimmel obviously wanted to raise awareness about mental health issues, so he did precisely that, Kimmel style.

To reduce the stigma usually associated with therapy sessions, Kimmel let the audiences lean an ear to his own session with a therapist, who was none other than six-year-old child prodigy Arden Hayes.

Hayes became known last year, at age 5, for his profound knowledge of US Presidents and his recital of Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. In his earlier three appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he demonstrated his knowledge about US Presidents, countries and their capitals, and elements in the periodic table. In his fourth appearance, Hayes was offered the therapist’s chair to help Kimmel cope with some oh-so-dreadful experiences.

Kimmel pours his heart out to the wiz kid about a seemingly traumatizing childhood event which involved mustard, a bully, and Kimmel’s butt.

The distress caused Kimmel to develop antipathy towards mustard, and his every encounter with the sauce ended up with him crying in his room.

 Arden listened to him ardently and offered advice consisting of words to live by, “tell your mom.”

Then, a hilarious conversation ensued, about mustard and the strategy about an upcoming picnic.

Although everything was done in good humor, the message of the skit was deep-rooted. One in four people in the US has some form of mental health disorder. According to studies, up to 75 percent of those affected do not receive the treatment they need due to the stigma attached to the treatment. Such situations ultimately lead to psychosis, depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders, and it gets worse from there.

There’s a greater need to draw attention to the problem and lighthearted attempts like this can definitely do the job.