John Oliver Destroys Anthony Weiner In Hilarious Daily Show Video

John Oliver continues to impress as John Stewart’s temporary replacement on The Daily Show as seen in this new hilarious video from last night in which Oliver tackles the latest Anthony Weiner sex scandal.

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Anthony Weiner, AKA Carlos Danger has has now had his political aspirations soiled twice after sending naked pictures of himself to other women.

As John Oliver notes, when Weiner got busted the first time, he showed some sort of regret for his actions. In this case, however, Weiner seems more interested in letting everyone know he predicted that this would happen than anything else.

Oliver’s analysis on the Weiner scandal continues in this second video.

As The Daily Show is famous for, Oliver picks plenty of fun at Weiner’s expense, but also gives some great food for thought regarding Weiner’s continued run for mayor. Weiner promised after the first scandal that events like these would never happen again. Earlier this year, Weiner publically claimed he was a changed man. He lied, and John Oliver is not ready to let Weiner get away with the act again.

John Oliver has done an amazing job filling John Stewart’s role as head of The Daily Show. Has he impressed you as much as he’s impressed us?