Jordanian Journalists Fight On Live TV Show

May, 9, 2014: Do you think these journalists are better suited for wrestling than journalism?

Political shows on live TV can sometimes turn into very ugly affairs. When your opponent is sitting in front of you and presenting logic that you don't have the answers for, there is little choice but to counter it with drivel or in this case – a scuffle.

While it’s not a regular sight on American TV, things like these are quite a common affair in politically unstable environments. One such incident happened recently on a Jordanian TV program "Between Opposing Opinions." Two veteran journalists, Shaker Al-Johari and Mohammed Al-Jayousi, debated with each other during the course of the show. The two were quite passionate and as usually happens, tempers flared, and the two ended up wrecking havoc in the studio.

As the video shows, when tempers bubbled, an intense tug-of-war went on between the two, with the table falling prey. Within seconds, all that remained between the two fighting journalists was a plank of wood.

We don’t know what happened next, but the video does show the crew running towards them and separating the two.

Funny thing is that they weren't even debating about problems of their own country. They were actually talking about the crisis in their neighboring country Syria. Imagine if these feisty journalists get together to debate local politics.

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